Special offers

On this page I want to place some special trading and/or selling offers in the near future. Think of listings of stamps that will be sold at a fixed price that is a certain percentage of the catalog value, and certain special items.

Special offer #1

I have made a listing of all the stamps from the Netherlands I have on offer for trading or selling.
Choose how you want to see the list:

a. with NvPH numbers
b. with Michel numbers
c. with Scott numbers

Note: the list only shows the stamps I have on offer at this moment. There is no use in asking for other ones. I may get them, but do not have them in stock now. For practical reasons some things are left out: perforation varieties, newer stamps and back of the book material (postage due, airmail, officials) are not a part of the listing.

Special offer #2

A Russian Zeppelincard with a lot of cancels and two stamps, Scott C12B and C13B / Michel nrs. 390-391 (C)
For more details on this very unusual item, have a look at the special page I made for it.

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