Stamp trading

When it comes to stamptrading there are two ways in which I like to work: a. with wantlists, b. by exchange of packets of different stamps (1:1).
When choosing for exchange of packets you have no guarantee that you'll receive exactly the stamps you need, but it is a lot easier than exchanging on a catalogue / wantlist base.

Follow the links below to see what I have available for packet trading. In exchange I am particularly looking for the following:

  1. South West Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan (preferred after 1999, Furusato, Ryukyus or Jap. Occupation), New Zealand 2000 to now, Spanish colonies, Portuguese colonies, Andorra, Belgium (preferably semipostals or recent), Malta, Cyprus, ex-Yugoslavia (like Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia), Baltic States, Finland 1999 to now, USA 37 cents, Curaçao (not Netherlands Antilles or Aruba!), Bermuda, all stamps issued on New Guinea (Netherlands N.G., Papua, Papua New Guinea, German New Guinea...), Brazil, Chile, Argentina.
  2. Japan, Scandinavia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, pacific islands, recent European commemoratives.
  3. your offer (just tell me what you have for me).

Look for available packets from:
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