Hello, welcome to www.pagowirense.nl. This is version 3.0 of my Wieringen website.
Pago Wirense is the oldest known reference to Wieringen in medieval chronicles. It means "the district Wieringen" and I found it an appropriate name for this site. You can read more about the long history of this site on this page.

Wieringen is a former island, situated in the northern part of the Dutch province Noord-Holland.. Here you'll find an attempt to gather as much information on Wieringen as possible and to make it available to anyone interested. I have long passed the point where I could easily sum up the contents of this site, but still the emphasis lies on the long and interesting history of Wieringen.
To prevent getting lost: on each page you will find a menu on the lefthand side. Should you not see it you have either got an old browser or you have turned of Java. This is why there is a simple link structure at the bottom of each page as well. You can tell me if you like this site in the Guestbook (click on contact).

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