Like the title says...

Welcome to my stampspage. You probably guessed it, this set of pages is about collecting and trading stamps. I have set it up in order to give other collectors access to my wantlists. These lists have all the stamps that I still miss in my collection of certain countries. Right now I am in the process of reworking all wantlists into one format, so some lists are temporarily missing. I hope that it is just for a short period of time.

Besides wantlists there are many other things you can see on my stampspages:

  • listings of what I have available for trade, as prepared packets of 50 to 300 different stamps. See "trading" for details.
  • under "wantlists" you will find lists with stamps that I still need for my collection.
  • some background-knowledge I have assembled on various subjects that is here for you to use for your benefit. See "information". Latest additions: pages on the Dutch "flying dove" issue of the 1920s and the International Court of Justice stamps.
  • a gallery of weird and not always recognised stamps, where possible with the answers I have received from all over the world what these stamps are.
  • links to other stamps sites I find interesting
  • some special trading-offers, as well as a link to my eBay-auctions. Also included is a list with all Dutch stamps i have available for trades right now.