I bet you have not got these in your collection

With the present computers and printers, who needs the Postal Service anyway? Especially when the designs are crap most of the time. My brother and I, we thought it might be fun to finally make the stamps we have been waiting for, for so long.

In other words, behold part 1 of the fictituous stampcollection.

Part 1: Fokker memorial issue (2001)

With the sad demise of the Fokker aircraft industry in the 1990s, the time arrived for a fitting commemorative issue to pay tribute to this pioneer of aviation and his products.

The Fokker F-VII was one of the world's first passenger aircraft. It was primarily used for the routes to the Dutch colonies and could take 8 passenger to the East Indies in 7 weeks.

The Fokker C-5 was a reconnaissance airplane used by the Dutch airforce in the 1920s and 30s. Over 1700 have been produced worldwide, including all licensed to other companies.

The Fokker G-1 was a fighterairplane that was ahead of its time in 1936. Due to various political reasons too few were built to pose a real threat to the German Luftwaffe.