Packets for sale

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Mixture packets

(these packets contain a mix of definitives and commemoratives with at least 50% commemoratives. All stamps are different)

25 different1.25 | $ 1.54
50 different2.50 | $ 3.08
100 different5.00 | $ 6.15
200 different11.00 | $ 13.53

packets of commemoratives only

(these packets contain all different commemoratives.)

25 different1.50 | $ 1.85
50 different3.00 | $ 3.69

All orders remain my property until payment is received.
Purchases must be paid in US dollars, Euro.
Personal Cheques: I will accept personal cheques only if you pay the bankfee (which is currently 8.00) . Please allow 10 days for cheques the clear the bank.
Paypal: Add 5% for paypal and exchange costs (remember: that's still cheaper than a stamp needed to send your payment in cash!)

Shipping costs: you pay the actual shipping costs.

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