>the Wieringer farmhouse

There are only a few really remarkable architectural features on Wieringen. First of all there are the medieval churches with their brick towers. And secondly we have the Wieringer farmhouses. This is a type of farm that is really unique to the island and can only be found here.
Below you see a photograph of what the Wieringer farm looks like.
Wieringer farm

More about the interior of the farm is found on the next page.

I have something special as well: Make your own Wieringer farmhouses from three sheets of A4 paper. You need to take the colourpencils or waterpaint if you want a colourversion.
I strongly recommend to use paper that is a bit heavier than usual.
Besides this you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Hobbyglue
  • A ruler and a blunt knife (for the folding lines)
  • Last but not least: Word 6.0 or higher to print the sheets!
Enjoy making the farm!

Download wierboer.zip (18 k)

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