Dam is the most western point of Wieringen. A minuscule hamlet of just a few houses, but the total population of Dam is still large, thanks to 2 large campsites. There are a few old Wieringer farmhouses here, one is being used as mainbuilding of camping "De Torenhoeve".
In the 18th and 19th century Dam had a Quarantine facility for ill sailors who had returned from the tropics with scary diseases. Today nothing remains of this. Where the barracks once stood, now caravans look out over the Waddenzee. The present occupants come to enjoy the peace and quiet. In a way they are in a sort of voluntary quarantine.

A curiosity to check out is the levelstation from 1919. It measures the waterlevel. At the other end of Wieringen, in Den Oever a second one does the same. To the left you can see the level gauge.

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