The history of this website

This website has been made by Jan-Simon Hoogschagen and has existed sinds the end of 1997. In the 3 years that have past, a lot has changed. Regardless of all the continuous and minor changes and expansion this is version 3.

The idea to make a website about Wieringen arose by accident. First of all I had been experimenting with HTML back in 1997 and I had taken up the plan to make my own website. At first not much more than a vanity-page, a rather contentless personal introduction. This was not what I wanted and I started to look for a subject that was appealing and was not already available on the net. My first pages about my favorite muzic and tv-shows didn't really qualify at those criteria :-) . They still exist nevertheless on geocities, so if you want you can still take a look.

At about the same time the Wieringen municipality had come up with an action directed at the future development of the former island. Inhabitants were invited to express their ideas about Wieringen in 2015. The way they did this was completely free and in order to enhance the creativity a competition was organised. For me it was logical to make a vision for the future using the medium of the future, in other words a website. So my entry was a bilingual website about Wieringen in 2015. Although I now thing it looks completely antiquated it was a big success in 1998. I became one of the two winners of the first prize. Purely out of sentimental reasons the winning site can be seen here.

Version 1.0

After this victory I really got a taste for it, and I started expanding the website, this time about Wieringen as a whole. At that time there was hardly anything about it available on the internet and - also very important - many people wrongly confused Wieringen with the Wieringermeer polder. This turned out to be version 1.0, hosted at geocities under a ridiculously long name ( From early 1998 to December 22nd 1999 the Wieringen site was at this location.

Version 2.0

In December 1999 I received an e-mail from Henri Wiering. He had found my website, after having found it because of his family name. He offered me a piece of his own domain for my site, and this became (of where "eiland" is the Dutch word for "island". The second period in the history of the site was characterised by a large expansion and enhancement. Not only the content increased, also the layout improved dramatically and I added things like a guestbook. But then, all of a sudden, on July 18th 2000 the whole site was gone, a little mistake by the hostingcompany... After 3 days everything was back again, but the webhosting company had lost a customer. This was the start of version 3.0.

Version 3.0

Henri Wiering had not been quiet in that time and now had his own webhostingcompany, Kixtart. Through him I was able to get my own domain, where I will happily continue to built the story of Wieringen, a story that will probably not be completed soon... Right now I am at 80 pages in both Dutch and English and this amount keeps growing.

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