Westerklief is an ancient settlement situated on the westside of a low hill that is the result of the pushing force of the glacier in the last ice age. The name Westerklief remembers of a time when Wieringen was an island. Seen from the south the hills of Westerklief and Oosterklief, eroded by the waves, looked like cliffs rising from the sea. A literal translation is Western cliff.
As one of the highest locations on Wieringen Westerklief was early settled. Westerklief was one of only a few savehavens that offered protection against the disastrous floods that tormented Wieringen in the days when dikes weren't as high and massive as they are now. Today, there are not many traces that remind of those early residents. You can find a few remarkable old Wieringer farmhouses. The view on these farms is very beautiful, although it's only a bleak remnant of how it once was. On the photograph below, from the 1920s you see a panoramo of Westerklief.

From Westerklief you have a magnificent view. To the south you look over the dikes into the new Wieringermeer
Presently Westerklief enjoys quite a reputation for the spectacular viking treasures that were found here in 1996 and 1999. Much more on this on the Middle ages pages.

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