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Wieringer Websites

  • The Wieringen municipality. The new site has a lot to offer, though it's not updated very often.
  • The Wieringen tourist office. Could be a nice site, if only they removed the announcement for the Easter market that was 8 months ago
  • The Den Oever harbour. A site dedicated to the renewal of the Den Oeverse harbour.
  • The weg van de Vikingen. A site of a foundation that tries to make the Early Middleages accessible to a large audience.
  • The local radio Zuiderzee (LOZ). On this site an attempt to make a link page to all Wieringer people with a homepage. Unfortunately many dead links!
  • >De Oecumenical Centre Michaelskerk. About the church at Oosterland: nice to know facts and a diary for upcoming events.
  • Something completely different: De Aurora bar in Hippo.
  • Orchestra ("wind-band" says the dictionary) Apollo from Den Oever
  • Arjaan Willeboordse's very elaborate Wieringer Fishingfleet pages. Most ships have a discription and a picture.
  • Het Land van Wieringen has a lot of interesting information about the cheesefarm at the borders of Oosterland.
  • The Wieringer Sanghers. Madonna is still working on madonna.com, but the folkchoir De Wieringer Sanghers already has its own site (and a representative in Canada!)

Interesting sites about Wieringen elsewhere on the Internet

  • The coat of arms of Wieringen explained according to the heraldic traditions.
  • The inevitable vikinghoard of Westerklief in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.
  • About the building of a fly-over near Westerland.
  • Strictly speaking medieval reenactment group Wierde Wironii are not really from Wieringen, but in their reconstruction of life in the 9th century they are!

Sites about the region

  • Ad van Oers' Slootdorp site. Very extensive site on all aspects of the village of Slootdorp and the Wieringermeer.
  • Ben Dijkhuis' Westfrisian castles site. Ben has started a very interesting site on the castles built by the count of Holland to watch over rebellious Westfrisians

Links that don't work anymore, or are not yet listed? Let me know!

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