Vatrop is a small hamlet just northwest of Oosterland. It is said to be one of the oldest places of settlement on Wieringen. In any case references to a place called "Varoth" are made in the medieval documents (see the page in the historypart), but it is unclear if this really refers to Vatrop or to a more or less similarly named village in the lower areas around Wieringen that were lost during the floodings in later centuries.
The most heard explanation is that it is a village or height (dorp or terp) that was farther, seen from Hippolytushoef. There is also a location close to (bij or in dialect "bie") Hippolytushoef, called Bietrop. From the recently discovered Viking treasures it might also be "just" a Norse name in origin. In that case it would mean nothing more than village near the water.
On Vatrop a number of extraordinary archaeological findings (see the historypagess again) that point to early habitation.

Today Vatrop is primarily a nice place to visit if you want to have a nice few over the sea.

At Vatrop there is a small part left of the old floodwalls. These were concrete walls of about 2 metres high which should break the waves and protect the land. Today they are no longer needed as there is a dike at the socalled Deltaheight.
Until 1960 there was a fishprocessingfactory at Vatrop. This factory used to cause a lot of stench, and it is understandable that few people were said when the factory closed and was torn down. I am still looking for a good picture of the fishfactory.

A persistent legend tells of a medieval monastery on Vatrop. It was said to be linked with the church at Oosterland through a tunnel.

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