the History of Wieringen

On this page I want to write something about the history of the former island of Wieringen. It is by no means a complete account, but that was not the intention (not yet, at least).
Many books were used, most important sources were "Wiringherlant" en "Wiringherlant deel 2" by J.T. Bremer and Wieringer Land en Leven in de Taal by dr. Jo Daan, unfortunately (but also obviously) only available in Dutch. It is very doubtful if there are any non-Dutch books available on this subject, which makes this page even more interesting for the potential Wieringen-scholar (if there are any...).

Use this page as your starting point on a journey along more than 4000 years of Wieringer history.

1. In more or less chronological order:

Prehistoric times
Roman times
The Middleages
Wieringen as a part of the Frankish empire
The Frisian / Frankish feudal system (backgroundinfo)
Early references to Wieringen
The Vikings (backgroundinfo)
Vikings on Wieringen I: a faint memory
Vikings on Wieringen II: the vikingtreasure
Vikings on Wieringen III: a vikingsettlement?
The lost city Grebbe
80-years war
VOC / Quarantaine
Seaweed harvesting
The German crownprince on Wieringen
The Zuiderzeeproject
2nd Worldwar
A crashed P-47
The monument at Westerland
The process Hinrichsen (a.k.a. "the Razor")

2. Special subjects:

The Wieringer farm: Description of this unique farmtype plus a d-i-y packet to make your own farm from three sheets of paper
Topography of Wieringen: villages in 1840 & 1998 - statistics
The Hippolytuschurch: a new series of pages
Who was Hippolytus?
History of the church

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